Our Approach

Our commitments

It is impossible for us to create great wines without good grapes from well-maintained terroirs. This is why it is essential to work as cleanly, neatly and naturally as possible. In this process we are certified by Terravitis since 2015.

Respect natural balances

of both flora and fauna.

Respact soil integrity

and the cycles in the vineyard.

Respect the wellbeing of people

who work or live there.

In our vineyards

Our objective is to produce a crop as rich and healthy as possible while ensuring the long life of our terroirs.

Soils are ploughed regularly to encourage deep rooting of the vines and ensure diversity of organic life forms. Product additions are well thought out and adapted to each parcel as a function of regular soil analyses. Phyto-sanitary interventions are reduced as much as possible and adapted to the development of vegetation, the assessed risks and, of course, weather conditions.

„We adapt yields to each parcel.“

„Phyto-sanitary interventions are reduced as much as possible.“

Finally, the essential ingredient is the attention paid to manual tasks carried out throughout the vegetative growth of the vine. They allow us to adapt yields to each parcel and above all to ensure good aeration amongst grape bunches, indispensable for the good health of the crop.

Once full ripeness is achieved, grapes are picked by hand and transported in small crates to keep them whole and undamaged.

In our cellars

We hope to be as “neutral” as possible regarding the crop harvested so as to allow our wines to really reflect their terroir for you.

White grapes are slowly pressed whole, thereby allowing all their varietal aromas to be conserved. After a light settling, musts are vinified either in vat for our Aligoté or in oak barrels for our different Chardonnays. In all cases we look for long and natural fermentations, to leave time for the wines to become enriched and refined in contact with their lees.

„We look to achieve long and natural fermentations.“

As for the red Pinot Noir grapes, they are hand sorted then gravity fed to vat (without pumping) to keep grapes intact and undamaged. During the maceration period that follows, all is done to avoid upsetting natural processes too much; this is to preserve all the red fruit aromas typical of this grape variety and all the characteristics of the terroirs that produced it. Thereafter, wines are aged for ten to fifteen months in oak barrels.

All the mechanisms of vinification follow on naturally, with only temperatures regulated. Constant surveillance and great rigour in our handling allow us to achieve in this way wines that are fresh and naturally clear. This is why, most of the time, we allow ourselves to bottle them (also by ourselves) without fining or filtration, still with the objective of preserving their integrity undamaged.

A substainable and certified process

The ensemble of our practices is registered and controlled by an independent organization to allow us to adhere to the Terra Vitis movement. This certification has the particularity of dealing with our activity overall: respect of the environment in the vineyards, reduction of inputs at all stages, management of effluents in cellar, working conditions of personnel, recycling of waste…