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The vineyards of Pernand-Vergelesses are the only ones to offer the full range of crus, as much in white as in red wines… Discover the diversity of our selection.

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The years follow one another but do not look the same! Nature is our guiding light; this is what makes our work so rich.

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A very summer-like springtime allowed the vines to bud-break relatively early (start of April). Then all dropped into place without weather incident or lost time right through to harvest. Some heatwave episodes during summer brought worries about the appearance of water stress. However, the deep vine roots in our parcels allowed them to find enough freshness from deep underground for us to be able to pick lovely fruit, ripe and perfectly healthy, from 5th September.

On the nose, the white wines are generous and expressive, with the accent on slightly exotic peach aromas and white fruits. On the palate, the minerality typical of our limestone terroirs gives good support to the richness and density of this vintage. This elegant and yet gourmand, fruity balance offers wines that may be quickly appreciated. But they may also become more refined and gain in complexity after a few years in cellar.

Red wines, for their part, benefitted well from the heat and the earliness of this vintage. Aromas are fine and fresh, dominated by well ripe red fruits. On the palate, real ‘gourmandise’! Wines on first impression are well-rounded and elegant, then their richness and concentration take over. Tannins are relatively supple and soft. These wines are already pleasant and can be enjoyed straight away. However, their structure will also allow them to be forgotten for a while in a good cellar…


Extreme climatic conditions

A hectic year in the vineyards, marked by extreme climatic conditions: cold, very dry weather and then a heatwave.

After a cold, rainy winter then a rather damp spring, good weather finally set in with very high temperatures. The state of health of grapes at harvest was irreproachable.

White wines benefitted from this exceptional weather. The harvest was healthy and well ripened. Aromas are complex and powerful, sometimes with exotic notes. On the palate, the wines are well-rounded and generous, while maintaining good tension. This vintage is elegant, balanced and already quite open and expressive. For their part, Les Cloux and Les Sous Frétille may gain in finesse and complexity after some years in cellar.

The red wines are superb. They are already remarkable for their intense colour. On the nose, they surprise through subtle hints ot spices combined with notes of well-ripe black fruits. They explode on the palate thanks to a rather rounded and sometimes velvety tannic thread. Already pleasant to taste through their aromas and finesse, they will improve by spending a few years in cellar.



A capricious weather ...

A unique and strongly contrasting vintage. A mild and humid winter, a cold spring, a scorching summer … but the vines adapted!

The white wines are powerful on the nose, concentrated and develop aromas of ripe yellow fruits, slightly spicy. On the palate, they are therefore rich and voluminous, but without heaviness, the acidity providing a pleasant balance. Pleasant today for their freshness, their power will refine after some time in bottle.